Mixed Use Conversion

for Private Client

Following the granting of an extraordinary planning permission, a former agricultural barn has been transformed to provide a series of modern work and studio spaces for a variety of creative purposes as well as an industrial loft apartment which forms the “Live” part of a Live-work unit for the owner.

Completed in March 2017, this building is the new home of Everett Fine Art – local craftsmen and artists who specialise in the Conservation and Restoration of fine paintings; THREAD – architects dealing with complex projects in the historic area; and HOST – a new collaborative creative venture which provides high-end flexible use studios, workshops, galleries, and meeting/conference spaces.

Following the original form of the steel frame, and retaining the agricultural aesthetic through the use of metal and timber cladding, the large glazed openings and subtle play on the application of materials elevate the building beyond its grassy roots. Inside – polished concrete floors, the exposed steel structure and plywood wall finishes create a modern interior which is practical and sleek but also warm and tactile.

The conversion included the integration of ground source heating, rainwater collection for a green water system, triple glazing and high levels of insulation which wrap the building in the form of black composite metal cladding. Timber panels and a metal mesh balcony, which runs along the front elevation, serve as a playful reminder of the agricultural heritage of the site whilst providing solar shading to the ground floor studios and outdoor space to the first-floor accommodation.