Barns to Grade II Farmhouse, Bruton

for Private Client

Cooks Farm lies within the parish of Brewham, near Bruton in South Somerset. The area is highly rural in character with a large number of farmsteads scattered within open countryside. Cooks Farm is one of these, located on the south side of the River Brue approximately 1km west of the village of North Brewham.

The owners of the property were seeking to make necessary sympathetic repairs to a number of barns such that these buildings would be secured and brought back into functional ancillary use supporting the main dwelling. These barns are not listed buildings in their own right but are recognised as being set within the curtilage of the Grade II listed farmhouse.

The difference and point of interest with this project is that the barns were to be restored in a simple and minimal aesthetic while also respecting their agricultural heritage. As product and landscape designers, the client’s eye for detail and materials necessitated the design material and product junctions at 1:1 and with a hand-picked team of builders on site to work through each detail. Products were carefully chosen for their robustness and honesty of material, while the alignment of old and new was considered with extreme care.

Sliding glass doors are concealed behind Oak shutters and slip within pockets within the thickness of the walls to leave the interior of the barns free of clutter and to enable ease of use.

This project was a hugely collaborative one and the tightly designed results bear witness to the rigour of design and construction by all parties. The project was completed in 2016.