Halswell House, Goathurst, Somerset

Client: Private Client

the most important house of its date in the county     Pevsener on Halswell

This Grade I Listed property is fronted by a 1689 Mansion House, built by Sir Halswell Tynte, behind which sits an series of earlier phases of construction, thought to be dating from 1536. The buildings and surrounding landscape form a property of immense architectural interest and significant size.

Under previous ownerships the property has been used for a variety purposes over the years, including a private home, PoW Camp, school and a series of apartments. However, in 1999 Halswell was considered in such a state of disrepair that English Heritage’s listed it on the Buildings at Risk Register. Since then the buildings’ fortunes improved with a partial restoration by the previous owner, but it was also divided into separate apartments and a wedding venue. The property was finally left vacant in 2013 with water penetrating the structure and with its C18th Landscape and many associated outbuildings in different ownership.

Thread are currently working with the new owner to progress opening up works which are needed to assess the condition and extent of repairs required prior progressing what will be a significant repair and restoration project. These works are all in close consultation with English Heritage, Somerset County Archaeologists, local and County Conservation Officers, Structural Engineers and Archaeologists.

When dealing with a complex building project such as this a clear understanding of the implications of all decisions, in terms of the building fabric, time and cost, is invaluable to all parties. Our collaborative targeted work will enable a full and thorough understanding of the building and its structure on which future proposals and costs can be based.