Avalon Marshes Centre

October, 2015

The Somerset Levels welcomes October with autumnal skies swelling with starlings above its landscape.

The Avalon Marshes Centre offers the public to embrace both the area’s setting and history by hosting events and activities that celebrate the contextual surroundings and culture.

Presently conducting within a series of small industrial structures, Avalon Marshes look to build upon the site's true potential through the stripping back of redundant spaces and the introduction of new ones. Accommodation for offices, cafes and educational facilities propose to attract and encourage visitors to dwell and learn about the surrounding wetlands.

Through the development of a deeply considered masterplan, Thread propose to fashion these otherwise separate buildings within a single structural fabric. Materially binding the site together the scheme responds to the Level’s rich working landscape, offering a contemporary twist to the area’s vernacular agricultural buildings of corrugated steel and timber cladding. The landscape is presented through large portals, pulling the panoramic scenery into the spaces inside.