The Seaton Seafront Model

24 March, 2015

The Seaton Seafront Model has arrived!

Last month we commissioned a model of Seaton Seafront on behalf of the Town Council. It arrived at our offices this week looking white and beautiful, and so we’ve spent the last few days conscientiously and over-protectively restricting any coffee drinking nearby.

The model shows how the existing esplanade at Seaton looks, but has a large cut out section in the centre and along the seafront into which we are preparing to model the current proposals, and alternative strategies, for the Seafront Enhancement project.

This model can also then be reused in the future for any changes, post consultation, as the proposal area is removable. There is also a large development project (by others) within this site - that has just gained planning permission and this model includes a removable section for that new building so its impact can be taken into account within any proposals.

We are nearing the completion our work in developing the master plan proposals and are working with the Structural Engineer, Highways Authority and the Quantity Surveyor to the check their viability in terms of permissions and costs, ready for our second round of public consultation in May 2015. 

Thank you to Right Angle Models who made and safely delivered the two metre long model to us.


We look forward to sharing more detail of the proposals and the results of the consultation soon.