Halswell Park

14 November, 2014

On the 14th November, Cerys and I attended a celebration at Halswell House, Goathurst. The afternoon held a symbolic tree planting ceremony at the Temple of Harmony in the C18th Pleasure Gardens of Mill Wood, and the opening of the newly restored 1757 Rotunda - our first project within the grounds of Halswell House.

The celebration signified Edward Strachan’s (the new owner) intentions to unite, conserve and restore this important historic estate and gardens. It was a lovely afternoon with clear blue skies and was a great opportunity to discuss and to enjoy the progress made with our colleagues and with guests. This project is on-going and our attention has now turned to works to the house and to more of the surrounding garden structures. Working in parallel with the Mill Wood Team, we are really pleased to be involved in work to re-unite Halswell Park.

We will post updates as the project progresses and additional information can be found at: