About Us

Thread is an architects, design lab and creative consultancy supporting complex architectural and cultural projects specifically within the historic arena.


The studio offers experience, rigour, creativity and precise communication in intelligent design, conservation, and strategic thinking.

Our clients are those seeking solutions to complicated problems, while looking for creative, pragmatic, and logical strategies to assist them in achieving their goals.

By asking focused questions, and drawing together the right threads, we gain a thorough understanding of the needs of our clients and their buildings. We use a consultative approach to investigate and explore appropriate repair and design solutions and this knowledge sets the foundation for each proposal and strategy that we suggest. These decisions also relate to the costings of projects which we approach with common sense, openness and realism both in terms of the cost of realising our designs and in preparing our fee proposals.

To maintain flexibility and responsiveness we work in collaboration with a network of trusted professionals. This enables us to undertake and manage complex and intricate projects with carefully selected and appropriately skilled teams while maintaining a single point of contact for our clients.


Heritage Consultancy

In addition to providing full architectural services we also assist as Heritage Consultants. Recent work has been completed in Queens Gate, South Kensington, London and Bromsgrove on multi-million pound projects.

Services provided include:

  • Historic building analysis
  • Archival research
  • Assessments of significance & sensitivity
  • Pre-application discussions with statutory consultees
  • Appraisal of options for the sustainable upgrade of properties and sites
  • Statements of significance;
  • Heritage statements
  • Completion of design briefs as part of a local plan
  • Feasibility studies
  • Option appraisals


Creative Consultancy

We also work as a consultancy outside the realms of the traditional RIBA Chartered Architect and offer a suite of services which support a client body in preparing for a project. These services are designed to dovetail with your priorities and may include any of the following;

  • Identifying the services required to best support your project needs, including funding and feasibility
  • Identifying and completing immersion methods as a way of experiencing first hand the need for the project
  • Defining a strategic, staged, and measured approach to the project
  • Measurement, benchmarking and assessment of existing situations to define a users/occupiers/owners brief
  • Designing and conducting interviews with staff, visitors and members of the community to develop the brief
  • Designing and conducting early community & stakeholder consultation
  • Writing and co-ordinating the brief with other specialists as required
  • Assisting in the demonstration of need to support funding applications / publicity - a tool to get agreement
  • Making your aspirations tangible - designing the vision (telling the story)
  • Building a compelling design and vision for you to take to funders
  • Understanding the priorities of owners and users and the experience of both