Thread are specialist conservation architects working with experience and rigour within historic settings and complex project environments. We have built a reputation for developing well-considered conservation methodologies, and contemporary designs with strong strategic thinking. These are developed in close-partnership with our clients and through establishing a detailed understanding of context.

Conservation & Design

We deliver full architectural services, from the design development of new design and conservation proposals through to detailed and bespoke specifications for sensitive and complex projects, and individual repairs. Our projects include scheduled monuments, listed landscapes, landscape structures and all grades of Listed properties including Abbeys and Churches.

Our approach is a light touch with a clear focus. We offer experience and common sense when designing new structures within historic contexts. Often sited in challenging and sensitive locations, our new designs are always derived from the landscape, material and architectural heritage that provide their context. We work with a network of trusted professionals and specialist practitioners to manage complex and intricate projects with carefully selected and appropriately skilled teams.

Supporting the Client Body

We offer an additional suite of services which support a client body in preparing for a large scale conservation and construction projects.  These services are designed to dovetail with the priorities held by our clients and assist in presenting a thoroughly considered and confident case to any funding body. These may include:

  • Designing and conducting interviews with staff, visitors and members of the community to develop the brief;
  • Designing and conducting community & stakeholder consultation;
  • Assisting in the demonstration of need to support funding applications/publicity;
  • Making your aspirations tangible – designing the vision (telling the story); &
  • Building a compelling design and vision for clients to take to funders.

In doing this work we gain an understanding of the priorities of owners and users, and the experiences of both when the completed project is handed back for their use and enjoyment.


Thread undertake funded research, alongside live project work, and are currently working with Bath University and Historic England to investigate damp movement in masonry construction. We are also conducting an in-house research project on carbon dating lime mortar using lump lime samples. Early dating test results from the Italian laboratory are suggestive of exciting findings and we are seeking funds and collaborators to develop this work.

Sound technical knowledge and expertise in materials and the specification of conservation work are critical to securing the future of historic structures. At the same time, embracing and understanding the potential of new emerging technologies is vital in the design of new buildings. Thread continuously check, review, research and develop our technical expertise.